HP Envy 7640 Troubleshooting Ink Cartridges

If your Printer shows an error message as Cartridges missing or Ink Cartridges Problem, then follow these steps to troubleshoot the problems.

  • Use the genuine hp ink cartridges to get a better printing experience. To order HP Sure Supply will deliver your cartridges at your doorstep.
  • If you are using the hp ink cartridges, then turn off the printer and turn it on again.
  • Open the Cartridge access door by lifting it up. To know more, click on 123.hp.com/envy 7640.
  • Door Open screen displays in your printer control panel.
  • Pull the cartridge to take it away.
  • Check whether there is any packing materials left sticking to it still.
  • Check all the cartridges and reinsert them and close the Cartridge Access Door.
  • The message disappears. If not, then again take away the cartridges.
  • Take a clean cloth moistened with the distilled water to clean only the copper coloured contacts and the electrical contacts. Do not clean the ink nozzles.
  • After drying up for 60 seconds, reinsert the cartridges.
  • Repeat these steps again and the error message disappears.
  • If not, then turn on the printer and remove the power cord.
  • Connect the power cord again and turn on the printer. Now, the problem should have been cleared.
  • Replace one of the ink cartridges and check. Try it out with the other cartridges too.
  • Then load a plain paper properly and check for the print.