ojpro6960 First time Setup

• First, decide how to Install the wireless printer connection-in CD or Download (CD may not be updated, so that downloading would be better to download the latest version of it).
• Check whether the Printer, router and the Computer are turned on.

Setup the Printer:
• Load paper in the Input tray
• Insert the ink cartridges and install the toner cartridges.
• Type your printer model, first time Printer Setup and Enter.
Connect the printer with the WPS setup:
• Connect the printer to your network with a rooter that supports Wi-Fi-Protected Setup (WPS) or connect the printer to your network with the Wireless Setup Wizard on the printer.
• Enter the Network name, net password and Enter.
• The wireless light is on.
Install the print driver:
• Insert the CD or DVD ROM provided in the computer.
• Connect the printer with the computer by USB cable.
• You will get a prompt message to connect it to the System.
• Connect the cable to the system and place the printer close to the system.
• The system detects the Printer.
• If your system didn’t detect then unplug the USB cable.
• Connect it again properly.
• If again not detected, try a different USB slot.
• At once the printer is detected by the system, the Auto run window will open.
• Double click on the Setup File.
• Start the Installation wizard.
• After installation, your system is ready to print any document with the help of the printer connected to it.
• To check it, take a test print.